Timber and Tide

Adventuring together for a better world

Education, Facilitation and Training on and by the sea in Cornwall

Educational Sailing Trips

Group Facilitation

Wild Gatherings

Personal or Business Coaching

We use the environment of sailing boats as the perfect space for engaging group process, team work, harnessing empowerment and opening up preconceived limitations, personally and in teams.

A skilled team of facilitators is available to work with your team or group to help guide you in whatever way you require; team-building, creativity unleashing, personal exploration, topic-based learning and leadership.

We all know the benefits of connecting with nature. We’ll take you wild camping, wild swimming and wilderness exploring as we adventure into the magic of our precious lives together, and open up what we each have to offer to our world.

We know that changing our habitual patterns of relating to ourselves and to others takes time to change. We offer ongoing coaching so you can integrate what you learn in your life.

At Timber and Tide we have felt for ourselves the incredible empowerment, group process and transformation that can happen working in teams on and by the sea.

We know the power of taking time out in nature to reflect on what we wish for in life and what we want to contribute.

Because of this we’ve created Timber and Tide, to share the great benefits of our adventures with you.

Whether you want a structured group facilitation weekend, or you just want to have a wild holiday with an educational edge – like learning to food forage, or hearing how social entrepreneurs created their vision, we tailor our trips to your needs.

We will choose the boat, the cottage or camp that best suits the purposes of the trip and we aim to introduce you to new experiences and adventures big and small, within and without  yourself.

We want you to leave your time with us refreshed, invigorated and inspired.

Working Together

Flourishing with Nature

Discovering our Wild Side

Engaging our Wisdom

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